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We understand that your decision to go online was not by mistake. We therefore share your vision and work around the clock to ensure that your vision becomes reality with little effort on your side. By offering you solutions tailored to your specific needs, we ensure a unique approach in your quest for web excellence.

Simplified for Everyone

Managing your online presence is as simple as 1-2-3.

Guaranteed Safety

Stay protected with the best online tools by a dedicated team.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support is available 24/7 and definitely 365 days a year.

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Do you need only to try, or do you have a simple static website? Perhaps you have a busy website or even need an unlimited hosting package. We always have something for you.

UGX 60,000 / year
  • 200MB Disks Space
  • 2,000MB Bandwith
UGX 90,000 / year
  • 500MB Disks Space
  • 5,000MB Bandwith
UGX 120,000 / year
  • 1GB Disks Space
  • 10,000MB Bandwith
UGX 168,000 / year
  • 2GB Disks Space
  • 20,000MB Bandwith
UGX 300,000 / year
  • 5GB Disks Space
  • 50,000MB Bandwith

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Domains are billed annually, but hosting packages may be paid for according to one of our billing options which are indicated on the order form.


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