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New Promotional Offers from Ezone Web Services

Covid 19 has greatly constrained sales in most business since businesses have been operating remotely. With this approach customers no longer move to physical addresses to window shop and procure products but rather use their phones /computers with internet to browse and procure different products using online platforms. Ezone Web Services has a limited promotion to support your business improve on the online presence. Get […]


Apache downloading PHP files instead of executing and serving web pages

Have you ever opened a web page on your website, and the page either attempts to download a .php file or it displays the PHP code in the browser? This is bad on multiple levels. First off, your website isn’t functioning properly; even worse is the idea that someone could get a first-hand glimpse of your code, which is not only a frustration, but a […]

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New Promotional Offers from Ezone Web Services

By / Sep, 3

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