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Building a School Website: Part 2 -What You Need

In a previous article, we explained why a school needed a website. It is inevitable that in this digital era, any school worth mentioning follows the footsteps of Gayaza High School, St. Aloysius SSS Nabbingo and the like. However, the main barrier to starting a school website is the limited knowledge you may have on what it takes to build or own one.

In this article, I explain 3 things you need to start a school website.

A domain name

When someone searches for you on the internet, they will be directed to your website which will be identified by a domain. A domain name will look like www.myschool.com. Examples of schools’ domain names are www.midfieldss.com and www.buzigaislamicschools.com.

To get a domain name, you can visit this page to look at these rates and choose a domain name for your school. Domain names are cheap and paid annually although you can opt to buy it for even 10 years.

Web Building Software

There are a variety of options to choose from. E-zone Web Services recommends using WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System to build your website. This is because, apart from ease of use, the support is readily available.

From experience, WordPress can be learned in even just a day. Yet still, the WordPress Community in Uganda is strong with free monthly meetups and annual conferences where WordPress enthusiasts meet to share knowledge and experiences.

Teachers of ICT in Uganda also have an upper hand in using WordPress since ITAU is a partner in the WordPress community. With their knowledge of building websites using the O Level syllabus and an active community of teachers using WordPress, setting up a school website shouldn’t take longer than a week.


Finally, you will need to host your website. This is where your website content is stored online for access at anytime of the year. This also fairly cheap if you compared prices here.

Godaddy and Hostgator are popular international web hosting companies but Ezone Web Services has affordable shared hosting that fits within a school’s budget. In my experience, many institutions are not comfortable dealing with international companies, paying in dollars and impossible to reach phone contacts. If you are the type that would need local and easy to reach hosting provider, E-zone Web Services is the perfect choice.

Bonus tip: Prepare the Content

As a tip, having the 3 above is not enough if you don’t have content for your website. Among the things you need to spice up your website are; an email address, a badge/logo, relevant pictures, text about the school, programmes, staff and events.

Do you need any help building a website for your school? Call +256 772 111 223 or +256 752 111 223.

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