Chris Do’s 8 Things That Will Prepare New Designers to be Successful When Entering the Field.

Knowing how to build websites is one thing, getting clients and building a brand is another. As you grow in the field of design, you notice that there is always more to learn. It is for this reason that I personally follow Chris Do, founder of Futur. On his X handle, Chris recently pointed out 8 things that will prepare designers when entering the field. However, these points work even for those that have been in field for some time like me. I will share them as shared.

1. Learn the Fundamentals

Understand the principles of design, color theory, typography, and composition. These foundational skills never age. Walk before you run.

2. Build a Strong, Focused Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card. Less is more. The client imagines the outcome of their project based on the worst piece in your portfolio. Edit judiciously.

3. Embrace Feedback

Seek out constructive criticism and be open to learning from it. Pick one person you trust to give you advice, not dozens.

4. Network

Connect with other designers and professionals in the industry before and after graduating. Networking can lead to mentorship, collaborations, and job opportunities. This is easier to do than ever via social platforms. Build a relationship long before you ask for something.

5. Stay Curious

The design industry is always evolving. Keep up with trends, tools, and techniques. How can you integrate AI workflows, systems and processes to allow you work more efficiently.

6. Learn Business Fundamentals

Learn about the business side of design, including marketing, sales, contracts, pricing, and client communication. Design will get you considered. Business skills will get you clients.

7. Value Your Work

Don’t undervalue your services. As a business, factor in what a project will cost if you weren’t allowed to work on it. Include overhead, equipment, licenses and subscriptions into your fees. Then add profit margin.

8. Be Professional

Meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and present yourself and your work professionally. One of the most undervalued skills in school is the ability to effectively communicate and present your ideas.

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