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How to embed a video to your website

You probably want to embed a video like this on your website and wondering how.
Using the default wordpress Gutenberg editor is very easy to embed a YouTube video.
You just search for YouTube in the elements section and insert the YouTube element then paste the link of your video from YouTube and bravo you have it !
How about inserting a video from a different source like from Facebook or other sources….
First of all most websites with videos embeded in them allow visitors to share or embed videos to different websites. Navigate to Facebook and look for the video you want
1.Make the video fullscreen for the embed option to be seen. This is only applicable to videos which are set to public, if not the embed option will not apply

2. Click on the 3 dots to see the embed option

3. Click on the embed option and then copy the code to embed in your website.

4. Insert the HTML code block from your Gutenberg editor and paste the embed code from Facebook then publish.

NOTE: The same goes for Elementor editor insert HTML code block from the elements section and paste the Facebook code and tada…

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